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Customer Support

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AI For Automated Customer Support

TelcoBuddy leverages a combination of AI, advanced analytics, and automated support with a human in the loop to provide seamless AI + human support while reducing the cost to serve.

Avoid broken customer journeys, ensure faster issue resolution and deliver frictionless Omni digital service across languages, contexts, and customer journeys for enhanced CX.

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Customer service

Frictionless end to end self service with contextual interactions across customer journeys for enhanced service experience.


Human-like contextual interactions backed with domain-specific NLP across languages.

Lower support cost

Reduce call center traffic  and cut down support costs up to 40% with automated query resolution & round-the-clock digital support.

Agent assist

Provide conversational context, history & customer profile to assist agents during handoff, to help solve complex issues quickly & ensure higher FCR.

Enhance CX with frictionless AI + Human service across channels & languages.


Personalized support on your customer’s preferred channel

Leverage pre-built omnichannel multilingual virtual assistants, NLP chat & voice bots, for automated customer support across channels and languages with a human in the loop.

Seamless Bot to Agent to Bot Handoff

Seamless bot to agent to bot handoff

Trigger handoff based on sentiment, status, priority, and intents for seamless human + AI experience.

Proactive service

Proactive service

Offer proactive service to at-risk customers with AI-powered predictive analytics to increase customer loyalty and prevent churn.

Guided digital onboarding

Guided digital onboarding

Guided process flows and assisted eKYC with text extraction, image and speech verification with liveness detection to help frictionlessly complete onboarding/ new product purchase.



Flexible pre-built analytics for measuring bot & agent performance, agent productivity, customer behavior, & goal completion.

Voice IVR

Voice IVR

Voice based transactions and account services, human-like interactions backed with telco-specific NLP for contextual interactions, customer support & complaint resolution.

Digital Human

Digital human

Increase adoption of self-service channels, divert traffic from physical channels and engage customers digitally with AI-powered digital humans.

Rich Media

Rich media

Leverage text, video, images, & documents for an immersive experience.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement

Enhance customer engagement with persona based up sell, cross sell recommendations, rewards and loyalty programs.

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